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Asia Task Force

Asia Task Force
The Asia Task Force is a network advisory group formed by business creators with their own businesses in countries across Asia. They offer market understanding combined with deep expertise in finance, legal/ regulatory matters and logistics gained from doing business in countries across Asia.

How can Asia Task Force help you?
The Asia Task Force can support you as you undertake rapid market assessments to assess the potential feasibility of expanding your business through trading in products or services with countries in Asia.

If the rapid market assessment suggests that business expansion into Asia may be feasible the Asia Task Force can advise and assist in the development of practical plans that confirm the feasibility of the expansion. This includes the `stress testing` of the plan developed to improve and prepare you for its implementation.

The best value Asia Task Force can provide sits within implementation where we can provide advice and support in a wide range of critical areas including:
* Introductions to business partners and support networks in the target country to ensure appropriate sales channel and in country support is developed
* Market understanding and tracking
* Cultural understanding and training
* Appropriate and economic access to language support
* Understanding and access to high quality and low cost support related to legal, regulatory requirements, accounting and other requirements
* Logistics and transport requirements
* Access to working capital/trade finance
* Support managing foreign exchange risk

What we cannot do is tell you how to run your business and what makes your business unique and special. That we need to learn from you so we can provide the best advice possible.

Can Asia Task Force be your partner?
The task force is seeking viable and effective businesses that can be expanded into Asia. As a team, we prefer risk sharing partnerships that align the interests of both company and advisor.

Small businesses make a massive contribution to the UK`s economy; we want to see them expand and benefit from international trade with a focus on the markets in Asia.

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