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Baltic Assist

Why us?

We started Baltic Assist because we thought we could sell a better digital service, at the best price and quality, than any other European company. Secondly, we wanted to set the standard, so no dissatisfied customers or overtime delays - just great facilities, excellent customer service and great value. These days, we find our customers like us so much they not only come back for more but go on to recommend us to their partners and friends, which motivates us to move forward.

What we do?

Being customer focused and going in-step with the latest technologies is our passion. Cloud systems and online tools have allowed us to provide multiple assistance services remotely.

Baltic Assist VA services:

- Personal Baltic Assistant. Hire a virtual Baltic assistant for secretarial tasks, managing your calendar, booking flights or getting you into your favorite restaurant.
- Administration. Outsource your data entry, CRM management, scheduling, transcription, billing, finding products, coordinating events, managing e-mails and editing documents.
- Customer Service. Responding to phone calls and e-mails, providing technical support and live chat services. Managing your website, social network profiles content and creating engagement and interaction with your customers.
- Research. Gathering data from the internet or any other sources, making comparisons, doing market research.

Baltic Assist accounting service:

- Bookkeeping. We take care of your company`s daily transaction recording in your chosen accounting system. Baltic Assist maintains the Client`s books and records in accordance to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and local rules and regulations.
- Reporting. We assist companies in preparation of financial statements and management reports. Baltic Assist also liaises with external auditors providing the assistance, responds to inquiries of credit institutions and local tax authorities.
- Calculation of net payroll which includes wages, bonuses, allowances, etc. Baltic Assist can take care of submission of employer and employee taxes and provide payslips to the employees, including the end of the year report.
- Payments. We can prepare payments via your company`s banking platforms for further approval and execution. Our services include managing bank accounts operations and payments for the bank accounts. Taking care of the bank reconciliation.
- Other administrative duties of the company.

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