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i2i Infinity have been specialists in professional software for global trade and export documents since 1986. We have solutions to suit businesses at all levels of international trade, from Pay-As-You-Go for new, novice and low-volume exporters, to enterprise for regular and large-scale exporters. Our software is available either as a hosted solution, via our private-cloud environment, or installed at your premises, both accessible using a web browser.

We have been a Microsoft Partner since 2004 and developing using Microsoft technologies for even longer, so we can handle any software development project for your business.

Our products are designed to save time within export departments and prevent the need for the re-typing of data by providing the ability to interface with your business (ERP) system, ensuring the accuracy and consistency of data. Documents outputs, whether printed or electronic, are in an internationally recognised layout, reducing the risk of goods being impounded overseas. A wide range of documents are available to cover the movement of all goods types, including hazardous goods, exports sold under a Letter of Credit, bank documents, country specific invoices and many more.

Additional cost savings can be achieved by re-using document data to declare electronic export declarations to HMRC, make specific declarations for excise goods and apply for certified documents from your local Chamber of Commerce, such as the Certificate of Origin and ATA Carnet.

New for 2017 and in partnership with the North East England Chamber of Commerce is our BREXIT TOOLKIT, developed to allow businesses assess the impact of Brexit on their products and improve financial planning. The self-assessment toolkit collects details of imported goods, for example parts and raw materials, and export sales, to generate a printed report of likely duty implications.

The BREXIT TOOLKIT also offers tools to help with international trade, from online software for export documents and electronic customs declarations, to services from professional duty assessors that can help you plan for a post-Brexit United Kingdom and make the most of any amended regulations.

One of our most popular solutions for existing exporters, called e-z GTA, is available as a `cloud` subscription service or installed at your business as a `licenced` solution. The software offers a full interface with your business ERP system to populate export documents with order data, merged with export data and customer specific rules already stored in e-z GTA. A complete suite of export documents are available, based on the UN/SITPRO layout, or you can use e-z GTA to send the data to HMRC for customs declarations like NES, CFSP or EMCS. If your shipment needs a Certificate of Origin or other certified document you can also send data instantly from e-z GTA to e-z Cert, where the Chamber of Commerce can certify and return the document to you, electronically.
The e-z Cert service, specifically designed for documents available from Chambers of Commerce, launched in 2000 and is the original and leading online service for certified documents, including Certificates of Origin, EUR1, A.TR, any uploaded document for certification, and the ATA Carnet for temporary exports. Where permissible, documents can be applied for by the `express` service, where Chambers of Commerce apply electronic stamps to certified documents and are printed by exporters onto the required stationery.

Suitable for new, novice and low-volume exporters our e-z Consign system was the UK`s first Pay-As-You-Go `cloud` software for international trade. Launched in 2011 with an easy self-registration and without commitment, e-z Consign providers a wide range of documents and customs services. Businesses currently creating documents in Word or Excel templates can benefit from the standardised layout and automated duplication of data across documents. e-z Consign also offers FREE document generation where manual signatures are a requirement, including Dangerous Goods Notes (DGN & IATA), the Arab Certificate of Origin and the EUR1.

To discuss your requirements visit the i2i Infinity stand at Going Global Live 2017. Alternatively, contact us via our website or speak to our team on 01749 345007.

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