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InterAnalysis provide three core services that seek to assist any trade person or organisation with their analysis of trade and tariff data and the impact of changes in trade policy. We have over 100 years of combined experience in various areas of trade and trade policy and so are able to help you analyse export opportunities, recognise emerging areas of growth, and emerging markets.

Consultancy: Our team is skilled in using a variety of consultancy techniques depending on the nature of the work. This ranges from the analysis of raw trade data, statistical analysis of data, to simulating the impact of changes in policy. Our team have extensive experience of policy related analysis ranging from writing short briefing papers to more in-depth analyses and reports for a range of private and public institutions.

TradeSift Software: We recognised a gap in trade, for a low cost tool, that helped to understand on-going trade flows, and can be used for the analysis of potential impacts of trade and trade policy deeply, quickly and effectively. Therefore, we developed TradeSift, a smart piece of software that allows the analysis of freely available international trade data. With it you can identify export opportunities, analyse trade what might be the impact of changes in trade policy, and generate priorities and strategies based on actual trade and economic performance. TradeSift allows you to calculate this quickly whilst enabling you to generate attractive graphs, tables and reports.

Training Courses: Our trainers have significant experience in delivering tailored training courses in a wide range of contexts for both developed and developing countries, and for both the private and public sector. We have also run yearly training courses at the University of Sussex for individuals looking to improve their understanding of all areas of trade and tariffs. Our courses range from 1 day up to 2 week courses, depending on what you require. We are also able to tailor training courses to explicitly suit you or your organisation`s needs.

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