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Invest in Soria

Spain´s Most Competitive Place to Invest.

Invest in Soria takes care of any investment or development project from the initial prospecting to the materialization of the project with a free, independent, neutral and quality service with the sole purpose or facilitating the execution of the investment in our province, Soria.

Why is Soria Spain´s most competitive place to invest?

- 0euro/sqm: Immediate availability of industrial land from 0euro/sqm
- ASI: Investment Accelerator. We go together with your project and accelerate your investment.
- R&D: Business excellence and sustainable development. Incentives up to 70% on R&D
- 35% Investment: Economic incentives to industrial development up to 35% of the investment.
- Stability: Solid and lasting social peace. Social and political stability. Quality of life.
- Wage Competitiveness: Competitive wage in relation to the main competitor geographical areas.

Success in business and investment is guaranteed in Soria. If you have any question or need more information do not hesitate to contact us.

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