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Samarkand Global Limited

The Chinese eCommerce market is already huge and growing rapidly. Over 400 million people shop online and by the end of the decade Chinese eCommerce will be twice the size of the USA, UK, France, Japan and Germany combined. Entering this market however can be costly and complex, Samarkand Global provides companies with a route to success.

Who we are...
Based in London, UK and with local presence in China we are a company passionate and dedicated to fulfilling the potential of European suppliers in the Chinese market . Built from a long history in technology and digital marketing with strong ties to retail and eCommerce.

What we do...
By aggregating the cost and complexity of doing business in China we provide companies with a route to Chinese eCommerce in a way that was previously only available for the largest brands. We work closely with our suppliers in Europe to build their brand and sales in China.

How we do it...
Through a combination of technology and services that can be leveraged by many SME producers we provide a gateway for European companies looking to reach Chinese consumers. Working closely with the relevant digital marketing and eCommerce platforms in China and being based in Europe we are part of the new digital silk road.

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