Customs clearance challenge? It’s time to consider a bespoke compliance programme

Award winning WELL (Worldwide Energy Logistics) provides a full and comprehensive freight forwarding, supply chain and project management handling service for both international and domestic services.

Specialising in the oil & gas and telecommunications sectors, and covering all general logistics requirements, for transportation by air, sea, road or charter to locations and customers worldwide.

XDS Solutions has been providing fully managed export compliance services to the business’s Nigerian division since early 2016. We recently caught up with Daniel Burt, Operations Manager at WELL to discover more about the export challenges he faces, and how working with XDS has helped to fix them…

Exporting to Nigeria:

“Historically another Inspection and Certification Agency had provided us with the Certificates of Conformity needed for customs clearance of the oil and gas equipment we transport into Nigeria.

However, customer service levels were low, and we were becoming increasingly frustrated with having to deal with complex web based forms and inexperienced call centre staff.  

Early in 2016 we decided to move our Nigerian export compliance business to XDS, and were immediately impressed by the level of personal service, and knowledge of the team.

Our personal account manager is always at the other end of the phone.  Ready to answer any questions.  Incredibly aware of our specific business challenges and up to date on the complex and ever changing compliance requirements of Nigerian customs.

Working with XDS has made life easier and the process quicker.  We can now be 100% confident that our export compliance programme is up to date, and follows the correct procedures.”

Another freight business benefitting from the XDS bespoke approach is Newbreed Freight Limited.  A highly regarded British firm specialising in bespoke customer freight movements via air, sea and road.    For them, simple, straightforward customs clearance into export markets is vital.

XDS Solutions has been providing fully managed export compliance services to the business since January 2014.  We recently spoke to Adrian Bird, Logistics Engineer at Newbreed Freight Limited, to hear his take on the XDS service…

Exporting to Saudi Arabia:

“I work for Newbreed Freight Limited, a company that specialises in customer bespoke freight movements via air, sea and road.

We are slightly different to most freight companies as we offer more of a designed service, and we try to provide supply chain solutions.

One of our main customers was looking for a solution to deal with Certificates of Conformity relating to shipments to certain countries.  

All the main testing companies we contacted provided very different ways of solving the problem, and the processes appeared different.

I managed to speak to an expert at XDS Solutions, who, very kindly helped me draft up a process that seemed applied but, a lot more workable.

I remember I invited our account manager into a very late conference meeting with the board of directors of our customer.  She was very clear and she impressed the directors with her solution.

From that day on, XDS has managed all our requirements for Certificates of conformity and we are very happy with the services they provide.”


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