The region of Murcia

Murcia is a region located on the Southeast of Spain, in the heart of the Mediterranean coast, the main market in the country in terms of population. Murcia means beautiful landscapes, great food and sunny weather (over 300 days per year), but also business dynamism and competitive costs compared to national and European averages.

Murcia has an innovative, open and competitive business environment combining the experience and know-how of old traditional companies with the drive and determination of young entrepreneurs. Our region is a commercial destination not only for those who live here, but also for thousands of people from neighboring provinces who come to Murcia to benefit from the large variety of options offered. 

To facilitate the arrival of investors to our region, Murcia has a dedicated foreign direct investment department, known as “Invest in Murcia”, a key area of the Region’s Development Agency (INFO). Invest in Murcia has successfully managed foreign investment project amounting to over €15 billion and has helped many national and international companies not only to establish their business in our Region, but to further grow and consolidate through aftercare programs. To facilitate investment projects in the Region, an Investment Acceleration Unit (UNAI) was created. In other words, in Murcia it is a legal requirement to cut down the paperwork process in half compared to other regions.

A key to successful investment is having access to qualified staff. In this sense, Murcia is one of the most competitive economies in terms of HR in Europe, with over 100,000 university students and a similar number of vocational training students every year. Furthermore, Murcia has official language schools scattered throughout the region where students learn the main European Asian and African languages. This is very important considering that investing companies may come from anywhere in the world.  

Regarding infrastructures, the Region of Murcia has multiple power plants and stations ensuring stable power supply. As for sea infrastructures, Cartagena has the fourth most important freight port in Spain. With regards to road infrastructures, Murcia is well interconnected through a complete network of roads, highways and freeways. The excellent quality of regional roads should be no surprise: Murcia is the second most important region in Europe in terms of refrigerated road transport. The Region of Murcia, with a large railway network, will be connected to the rest of Spain via high-speed train in 2017, shortening in half traveling times. Lastly, Murcia is serviced by two international airports connecting the region to some of the main cities in Murcia, Spain, Europe and Northern Africa.

Within Spain, a country where many EU citizens settle, the following fact speaks volumes: Murcia is the second Spanish region with the highest proportion of foreigners… in our welcoming, outward-looking region, you will feel right at home.