Fast track for your investment

The economic policies of the Region of Murcia keep on developing an environment of business freedom by means of new measures intended to simplify redtape and optimize the coordination of proceedings required to open a business, invest or launch economic activities.

The region further facilitates the work of business people and entrepreneurs with talent and initiative, aware that they are the true drivers of any economy.

This new measure adds to others such as INFO’s Investment Acceleration Unit (UNAI), a tool which in about two years has become an incentive to invest in Murcia. Ever since it was launched in May 2015, this office has developed some 40 projects which will result in an investment of over €687 and the creation of 2123 jobs in our region. 

UNAI has reduced 25% the time needed for project proceedings, has turned INFO into a one-stop shop for file and documentation submittal, provides customized consultancy services for eligible projects and orientates and advices business people to help them optimize their investments (best location to set up, access to European projects, marketing channels, etc.).