Guntis Rubins

Investment and Development Agency of Latvia, the Representative Office in the UK

Guntis Rubins manages London office of Investment and Development Agency of Latvia since 2011. Before he held a similar position in Stockholm for almost 6 years. He advises foreign companies which consider Latvia as a potential investment location or looking for trading opportunities with businesses in Latvia. His extensive experience helps him to understand the needs of companies the services they require. He holds a Degree in Business Administration with specialization in International Trade.

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Latvia as a business location, trading partner

Latvia is proud of its well-educated workforce and one of the highest percentages of university students per capita world wide. Due to the countries cultural mix, the daily use of foreign languages is common-place. Over 85% of Latvians speak Russian, and 70% of people under 40 speak English. German and Scandinavian languages are also widely spoken. Sectors that offer most opportunities for trade and investment are following: Life Sciences, Healthcare, Information technologies (incl. Global Business Services), Woodworking, Transport and Logistics, Engineering, Greentech and Food Processing. Latvia’s geographic location, highly educated workforce, efficient infrastructure, low tax rates and Special Economic Zones specifically designed for business development are the key reasons foreign companies choose to invest in Latvia. Earlier this year Latvia joined OECD confirming its determination to be a modern trading nation, a business hub for global businesses.