Mark Garrity

Leading Figure in International Commercial Banking

Mark is the Senior Relationship Manager for BFC Bank’s focus on Small to Medium-sized Enterprises. He is responsible for the development and management of a commercial portfolio of customers who trade internationally.

He is an experienced banker with skills in international commercial banking secured over the course of 35 years in retail and commercial banking. Mark spent 15 years at HSBC, in the Commercial and International sectors supporting SMEs.

He was responsible for assisting SMEs overcome cross border challenges and realise their full potential. This was achieved by arranging bespoke products including risk mitigation solutions that then enabled them to reach their goals.

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SMEs, Currency Volatility, Brexit and Simple Solutions

This seminar identifies the potential risks with currency volatility that SMEs face when they trade overseas and the impact on their bottom line. It discusses some potential outcomes that may arise from the uncertainty leading up to the time that the UK exits the EU, and considers some of the impacts that these may have on SMEs. Offers some simple solutions and methods that SMEs may choose to protect themselves.