Mark Ray

Sovereign (China), LLC

Based in Shanghai China, Mark Ray is the Director of Sovereign China’s consulting division. A seasoned business consultant, he helps his clients navigate through the complexities and nuances of China and offers them insights to crack and win in one of the world’s most difficult markets.

Mark is an emerging markets and China specialist, having lived and worked in Asia for more than 10 years. His clients include Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, and government organizations, which after consultation become better armed to capture opportunities in China’s complicated and highly competitive business environment.

Mark has successfully consulted over 200 companies in a number of different industries with their China market entry and growth strategies.

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How to succeed with e-commerce in China

China is the world’s largest e-commerce market and is expected to reach U.S. 1 Trillion dollars by 2019! But did you know that more than 85% of brands DO NOT MAKE MONEY on Tmall or other e-commerce platforms in China? Here’s why: 1) most brands in China are activated by accident; 2) brands believe that platforms like Tmall are the way to activate; and 3) China is the only country where a brand may LOSE TO ITSELF. Every day companies enter China’s e-commerce space. But no matter what they do, they remain confused, gun-shy and unprepared for China. They do not know if their product mix is right or how to choose a competent local partner. So, come and find out what you need to do to be a winner in the World’s largest e-commerce market! Of course please invite interested (or struggling) brands and professionals. Everyone who has seen me speak has walked away with extreme value, instant resources and connections.