Max Coleman

UK-ASEAN Business Council

Max is Head of Corporate Affairs and Business Development at the UK-ASEAN Business Council. He headed up communications and analysis for the European Commission, Olympic bid, G8 Summits, IBAC and various Ministries.

He has also acted as a representative for the British Chamber of Commerce.

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Cracking the code of exporting to Southeast Asia

The UK is well placed to play a key role in what is being dubbed the ‘Asian Century’ with a strong trading relationship with ASEAN. However, more UK companies now need to position themselves to take advantage of the predicted increase in the level of opportunities in ASEAN over the coming decades. ASEAN has recently reached a highly anticipated milestone – economic integration through the creation of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). This has created a young and dynamic consumer market with over 622 million consumers, a burgeoning middle class with rising incomes and total consumer expenditure of US$1.5 trillion. Join us for an introduction into ASEAN’s vast opportunities and discover how your business can capitalise on the booming economic growth in the region.