Richie Santosdiaz

Thought Leader in Economic Development and Exporting to USA

Richie Santosdiaz is a London-based American expatriate. Having lived in 6 countries spanning 4 continents, including his native USA, he is an expert in economic development, mainly with a focus on international trade and investment, for a management consulting firm. He is also a university-level adjunct lecturer.

He is the founder of Young American Expat, the digital showcase of the 9 million Americans living abroad, with a particular focus on those both present and former in the 20s and 30s age demographic. Finally, he is known as a thought leader in his fields of expertise in economic development (mainly around international trade and education) and expat issues.

From 2016-present he has regularly written opinion eds or quoted in various media outlets.

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Doing Business With the World’s Largest Economy: The USA

With a population of over 325 million people and a high standard of living, the United States remains the world’s largest economy. Despite having strong cultural ties to Europe, in particular with the UK, the Atlantic separates us and what may seem like identical business and cultural norms may in fact be completely different. The US remains a key business partner and attraction for many seeking to expand their businesses globally. With the current political climate, both in the UK and the USA, both nations potentially see each as more in terms of further solidifying their trading relationship.