Scott Blacklin

Blacklin Associates, LLC

Scott Blacklin is Principal and founder of Blacklin Associates, LLC, a specialized consultancy for businesses committed to developing and emerging countries.

Mr. Blacklin has devoted virtually all of his professional life to international business and spent over ten years in Eastern Europe and Russia, leading the Moscow offices of several U.S. companies, including Westinghouse and Motorola. Mr. Blacklin also served as president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia.

In the U.S., Mr. Blacklin served as Director of the State of Maryland’s international operations, building global ties to increase Maryland exports and attract foreign investment, and subsequently as Vice President for Cisco Systems Emerging Markets, driving sales of Cisco technology and services in over 130 countries.

Mr. Blacklin graduated in 1975 from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University and completed post-graduate work in Soviet Studies at The George Washington University. Mr. Blacklin also studied at Leningrad State University and speaks fluent Russian.

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Donor Funding and Engagement

Success in any market requires a clear understanding of the priorities, resources and decision-making processes of key customers and their stakeholders. This is even more challenging in emerging markets. External flows of development funds into these countries drive economic development and reveal important internal dynamics. A company which has a command of these donor funding flows will have a better understanding of a country’s development priorities and the decision makers behind them. Such a company will have more opportunities to engage its customers at higher and more strategic levels. Moreover, the company will be able to develop important management tools for its international operations, e.g. enhanced sales, superior sales pipeline, better forecasting and customer intimacy. This seminar will detail engagement methodologies and practices which can enhance the scope and manageability of sales operations in emerging markets.