Theatre 9

Wednesday 16th May

Thursday 17th May


11.00 - 11.30

Freddie Blackman

Doing Business in Saudi – the Secret to Success

With 80% of the Gulf Arab population, Saudi is the elephant in the room in any Middle East discussion. This seminar looks at both Saudi business winning and cost-effective delivery in this opaque yet lucrative market. We will also briefly explore Saudi Arabia’s latest “big politics”, including the significant transformation of the Kingdom making headlines around the world! AEI Saudi is the in-country partner of the UK Department for International Trade and has so far helped around 700 companies with their Saudi journey.


11.45 - 12.15

Francesc X. Mirón

Business Opportunities in Barcelona, The Mediterranean Business Hub

A 360º overview of the economic assets, the growing strategic sectors, the current challenges and the value proposal that Barcelona offers to international investors, as the most important economic hub of Southern Europe, The World Mobile Capital, a Smart City of reference, with a top quality of life for residents, start-ups, employees and entrepreneurs. Barcelona City Promotion brings to London’s Going Global a portfolio of services that will guarantee the landing of your European operations, smoothly, through Barcelona.


12.30 - 13.00

Tom Williams

Unlocking SME productivity through market intelligence, innovation and ambition

We want to take a refreshing look at how we think SMEs can unlock their own potential and blow away any productivity barriers! We are passionate about showing how SMEs can tackle the main productivity ‘challenges’, by using market intelligence, being innovative, brave and ambitious; through the successful internationalisation of the UK’s great products and services. This will NOT be an economics lesson; it will be a thought-provoking and engaging look at the key barriers and triggers that can unlock YOUR business’ potential.


13.15 - 13.45

Geoffrey de Mowbray

How to make Britain a Great Exporting Nation!

There are many challenges to increase exporting particularly for SMEs and MSBs – attitude, costs, paperwork and getting paid. During the session we will explore how to overcome these challenges and the roles for business, financiers and government to achieve sustainable export growth, particularly with emerging markets.


14.00 - 14.30

David Hemmings


Getting the operational details right when you are expanding into a new market is critical and makes the difference between success and failure. We will discuss the easy things to do, common mistakes to avoid and lessons learned to maximise your global growth across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia


14.45 - 15.15

Suraj Nangia

Doing Business in India

Indian Market is growing at a phenomenal rate and becoming an attractive destination for Multinational Corporations. Is this a right time to expand in India? What is the right business model to be followed? Which is the right geography to start with? Should a manufacturing unit be set up or a joint venture would work? These are couple of questions that are always there in the mind of an entity looking India as a next business opportunity. This leads the new entrants to a road where they want an advisor who can help them in developing an efficient entry strategy and do hand holding for doing business in India. During our seminar, we will help our audience understand the options for Entry Strategy, Regulatory Compliance, Tax Laws, GST Law and other areas of concern. We shall also explain as to how Nangia Advisors LLP will help them visualize plans and implements the best gateway for business expansion in India, and also evolve unique and intelligent strategies for their product/service .


15.30 - 16.00

David Buckle

Avoiding Legal Risk in International Business or Lessons from the Coal-Face…...

In his Key Note Address, David will share with you some of his experiences of managing cross border legal risk and provide some insight into developing a successful international business strategy. Over the years David has worked with companies whose names cannot be mentioned in this public forum, but who have given him some eye-opening experiences that he would like to share! These will include, but is not limited to, looking at: - Differences in culture and its impact on the negotiation of contracts and in dispute resolution. Use of local agents and advisors: local agency regulation and what you are required to do. The nature of the contract: distributor? Agent? Licence? Subcontractor? Use of local employees Bribery and corruption Jurisdiction and language of the contract


16.15 - 16.45

Mr Carl Hackman

Extending Credit - Trade with Confidence

Protecting a business from the inherent dangers of extending credit to customers both in the UK and overseas. A three-step guide to how to ensure you’re able to maximise sales and minimise risk – review T&Cs to include penalty clauses, retention of title and jurisdiction; engaging with 3 rd party suppliers; litigation and asset protection.


17.00 - 17.30



The Nigerian Custom Service (NCS) is an agency of the Federal Ministry of Finance saddled with the responsibility of facilitating international trade and protecting the country from risks associated with the import and export of goods. The discharge of this statutory role can and often become a huge disincentive to trade if and when the processes of Customs Clearance are not well managed. This presentation aim to elucidate the import and export processes and how to navigate the customs clearance procedures in the manner that will either reduce or eliminate the hurdles that hinders smooth cargo clearance from the Nigerian Ports.